10 of Swords – Need Help Understanding

Curious on y’all’s thoughts of how you view this card. I typically see mostly negative interpretations, but I also know every card has both dark and light sides.

I pulled this card (used the Goddess Tarot, similar to RW with a female view) asking about someone’s feelings for me, but got the Ace of Cups and Three of Cups as clarifiers. At first I was taken aback bc of typical interpretations I’ve seen on the 10 of Swords, but with those cards clarifying, I viewed this as a more positive draw.

For context, this is a high up leader at my company and I have been working recently with him on getting promoted. I’ve worked under him for five years and have had four different direct bosses during that time, which has led to a rocky development path for me personally. There’s been a lot of clearing of the air in recent months and me trying to get on a path for a promotion bc I’ve felt hindered by my situation. I’ve always gotten along well with the big boss, I just think he wasn’t aware of everything. As a quick note, when I told him it felt like they didn’t want me at the company anymore based on how difficult the situation had been, his words were “if I wanted you gone, you’d be gone by now.” (😳)

I guess I’m wondering if I’m viewing this correctly or possibly looking at it with rose-colored glasses bc I tend to look on the bright side. But it felt like the 10 may have represented the ending to the path that was blocking me and there are brighter days ahead bc he has a fresher/better view on things. Do y’all agree? Thanks for any help!

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