10 of swords reversed as strength?

Tarot reading intentions based around the anxiety I’m having at the moment, using the Light Seers tarot by Chris-Anne

I pulled the 10 swords reversed in regards to ‘where can I find a source of strength?’

Surrounding cards and interpretation:

  1. Root of anxiety – Ace of cups – I’ve just got into a new relationship and I’m having intrusive thoughts and anxiety for no reason when I’m actually happy at the moment therefore so think this rather clearly signifies that.

  2. What can bring me comfort right know? King of pentacles – just enjoy myself, grow, patience, security.

  3. What can I stop doing to help my anxiety? Ace of pentacles reversed – stop believing i’m not able to have the prosperities i’m being presented with.

  4. Where can I find a source of strength? 10 of swords reversed – let yourself heal, let go of negative emotions, the worst is over and things are improving.

What do you think of these interpretations? For me it’s the 10 of swords as a strength that has me confused. Also the king of pentacles as comfort is confusing too. Any second interpretations or opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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