17 Card Deck Interview Mary El 1st Edition

Mary El – first edition -no reversals used-

Mary El has recently spoken loudly to me and I have not worked with her for a long time so I decided to do a new get to know you(again) spread, as I feel it's ready to work with me now. Opinions welcome!!!

*Repeat cards due to hashing 3 deck interviews together. They also lend further insight!

  1. What major lesson are you here to help me learn? The High Priestess

The major lesson the Mary El is here to help me learn is to pay attention and expand on my internal knowledge. To look within and to search what is hidden.

  1. Through which divine energy can we best communicate? 7 of Disk

Since this decks voice seems to speak about getting in line with your higher self, what I take from this is to work with this deck and approach it with it by communicating through the lense of self improvement and spiritual alignment to fulfill my personal destiny and reaching my highest potential in life(and using my skills and gifts). Bringing a balance to myself.

  1. In what area can you help me aid others? Knight of Swords

This deck can help me aid others by helping those searching for wisdom, insight and clarity from a logical perspective whether mystical or mundane. It can help others connect with Spirit and search for thr truth they are looking for.

  1. In what area could your guidance be easily misunderstood? Ace of Wands

Not to loose sight of the goal of the deck which is spiritual evolution starting with a tiny seed of fire.

  1. What can I do to keep our communication clear? 3 of Swords

Emotions are not to get in the way of the intellect when reading with this deck. Grief, trauma, sorrow and the like could muddle the readings and warp perspective. Must also be fully present within the readings and not turn to the cards when in deep turmoil until some things are sorted out. Remain with an open and receptive heart to receive the "gifts" the cards offer.

  1. How can I use your guidance for the highest good? 4 of Cups

By slowly working on a problem the cards seem to present. Focusing on creating what I want one layer at a time. Building my destiny brick by brick. Messages from the subconscious are particularly helpful here in all its forms(perception, intuition, dreams and emotions) to use in discernment of cards.

  1. How will I know when we're ready for our next lesson? The Star

When you have become like the star and in line with her mission you will be ready for the next lesson. (I interpret it this way because the star is my favorite card because I am so in line with her purpose)

  1. If you had to describe this deck with one card, which would it be? Queen of Cups

This deck gives you loving, safe environment where you are allowed to grow and explore the depths of yourself. The Queen is the holy grail of this deck symbology wise. It is a deck that works directly with your subconscious, and right brain.

  1. What are your strengths? 6 of Cups

I bring inspiration and teach you to be true to yourself which allows a moment of renewal and rebirth in your spiritual development. I expose that which had been hidden and locked away by letting you search the depths of self for answers.

  1. How would you describe your general outlook on the Universe? The Lovers

Through the wedding of male and female energies and parts of yourself. Anima/Animus. Though peace and harmony so this deck aligns yourself to peace and harmony and balance if worked with in a correct manner. (Love is the center and love is divine and love is the glue that holds everything together, the Author sees this card as the middle of the tree of life which everything radiates so this card is very fitting!)

  1. What types of readings are most effective with this deck? 10 of Disk/7 of Disk

10 of Disk shows me that the readings that are most effective with this deck is those that bring change in the world. Either though the inner realm of the human or the outer realm. When it comes to planning and supporting the your desires this is the deck to pull out! When you need to get over obstacles and manifest thus deck will shine.

7/Disk When it comes to readings that concern your destiny and highest potential based off your gifts this is the deck that will lend its strengths.

  1. Is there an overriding message, theme or issue which will be important in multiple readings to come? 3 of Swords

This theme shows up alot in most my readings so I am not surprised to see it here. Grief, loss, sorrow, broken heart.

  1. What will be the outcome of our relationship be? 7 of Wands

A transfer of power and knowledge and a belief in self/empowerment. A right direction(it symbolizing the white horse of the chariot).

  1. What work are we ment to do together? 9 of Cups/King of Swords

The work we are ment to do together consist of accepting who you are with love, humor and compassion and to have an open heart. Seeking knowledge and wisdom can be done with this deck if you look to the inside. To help accept your place in the world and see into your divine nature even though we are part animal.

K/Swords again it's showing me to master my mind and my thoughts and to not counter my manifestations with fear or doubt. This card reminds me to keep a sharp focus and to plan thoughtfully. (Makes sense since I need to stop being down and out and with negative thinking)

  1. What am I ready to embrace + step into with our partnership? 4 of Disk

I am ready to take control over my mundane life and to balance it out. I'm ready to get my shit together which is what my tarot cards are always telling me to do, lol! Be ready to settle the inside/outside nature/life of myself (balance is a big theme to this deck)

  1. How do you offer + deliver wisdom? Page of Wands

I deliver divine inspiration and faith in the process. My purpose is to give you strength of heart and mind and my intention is to light your faith ablaze with zeal for life and Life.

  1. What card in this deck is showing up as a deep teacher for me? 9 of Wands/King of Cups

9/Wands shows up as a teacher of destiny. An awakened woman who channels her fire to manifest her destiny. This card teaches me I am not a victim of circumstance and trails are the wisdom of her tiger (subconscious). Transformation, creation, change and destruction are part of the fire that shows up in my life to tell me to harness it correctly. This deck wants me to harness the power of my self and accept myself fully.

K/Cups is another card of mastering my subconscious mind as to not be a slave to it but to derive power (such as the 9 wands). To tame the black horse (opposite of the white horse/wolf in the 7 wands) and gain mastery over my shadows will also help me keep communication clear with this deck. (My Thoth said the same thing in a deck interview with the same question. I had got 7 of Swords then.)

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