2 AND 3 of wands combo – clarification

So I ask a question regarding advice or actions and pull the 3 and the 2 as the clarifier. Both minors but obviously a pretty clear message and I’m just wanting to bounce this off someone else .

I can give details if it helps but here’s how I see it . This is more intuition than by the books .

3- Green light, looking forward and continuing on the path. Looking towards the future positively .

2- this one caught me off as the clarifier as it’s a step back but …weigh the options ..it’s time to step back and give thought and listen to intuition .

I guess my biggest question is how others might read these 2 together . I struggle with some combos but the fact that they’re a 2 and 3 of the same makes me feel like maybe I’m missing something as that’s a rare draw for me .

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