2 of Swords?

Hi! I have noticed that I have been getting 2 of swords for months on my relationship readings. I mostly just ask how everything is going or the type of energy I’m receiving and this card leaves me a little lost when it pops out in the reading. It comes through more upright than reversed and is usually accompanied with a cup card (especially king of cups). I’ve also switched between my decks and cleansed them. I initially thought that it was representing me thinking about leaving the relationship but I’ve moved past those feelings since. I don’t know any other form of indecision or difficult choice that I feel would apply to me. Other than the readings, I felt my relationship has blossomed into a really healthy one that serves both of us. Maybe it’s representing my need for making sure everything is balanced? The blindfold speaks to me as not seeing something I should be seeing but idk. I don’t know what choice could be presenting itself when I thought I had already made it… again, idk.

Any insight into what this may mean?

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