3 card spread / why is he not texting me anymore?

Hello all, short back story: I and this person were exclusive and we’re still pretty new but he has backed himself off ever since our last meet and stopped texting w/o me texting first. Cancelled our plan too as he has to “save up some money”, and offered to go somewhere closer but I said we can just do it another time. When I texted him last night, he called me and said he had a bad day. And he didn’t text me today either. I asked the cards why:

[Thoth deck] 1st: 8 of Cups 2nd: Ace of Disks 3rd: 6 of Wands

I am new to this but I interpreted 8oC as kind of moving away from this whole thing, to something (AceofDisks) more “important” to him, which could be money or job or school. Then 6oW at the end just reinforced my first thought. Maybe he is really just ghosting me, and does not want whatever this is. I really feel played and disappointed as it turned cold like this all of a sudden.

I would really appreciate & be thankful any insight on this reading. Thank you all.

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