3 of cups and 7 of cups as feeling?

I have a friend who I feel romantic feelings toward and I think she picked up on that and it freaked her out. She grew distant and we haven’t been talking much lately.

I wanted to do a check in with the cards and I asked, how does she feel about me liking her? I got 9 of pentacles, Lovers, 6 of wands, and ace of pentacles. So even though she freaked out, she feels good about herself.

How does she feel about me? I pulled 3 of cups and 7 of cups. Not sure about this one.

Then I asked, how are we going to get through this? I pulled Empress, 2 of cups, and temperance. Support, love, and patience.

The cards are telling me there might be something there romantically and I need to give her some time. She hasn’t fully left the friendship either.

What do you see?

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