4 card spread about past lover

hey all, just did a 4 card spread about someone i was recently exclusive with. lil back story: he subtly wanted to end things as i felt, became hesitant and didn’t communicate. when i finally asked him, he -in short- told me he needs to focus on his goals and want to be fully locked in on life. i immediately ended it on the spot and didn’t replied to his next explanation.

[thoth deck]

1) the real reason he wanted to end: Rx Universe and Princess of Cups (both of them jumped out the deck together)

2) his feelings about me and this situation: The Lovers

3) chances for us getting back together: Knight of Cups

4) best course of action i should take atm: 4 of Wands

back of the deck. – Rx Moon

my interpretation (i am new to this so im sorry if any mistakes). i thought Rx Universe with PoC could mean he thought a lover is not the missing thing in his life, he took another direction for fulfillment and purpose. OR, could it also mean there was someone else?

The Lovers as his feelings got me quite confused. Is he happy that this ended? Or did he sacrifice this for something? Or maybe did he just start thinking “maybe we ARE good for each other”?…

Knight of Cups, maybe he does think about showing affection or explaining things further.

4 of Wands had reminded me of the text i’ve sent when he was pulling himself back. I layed a foundation, made it clear and asked if he’s in for it, cause if he is, ghosting/not communicating wouldn’t do it. Then here we are. I do not think this card would tell me to text or call again as I had already set my intentions.

And Moon Rx as the theme, maybe there was a misunderstanding OR his reason was just an excuse? I know i am paranoid…

My main problem as a beginner is I cannot tie individual cards to each other and come up with a rich meaning yet. I’d REALLY appreciate any insight or advice on this.

Much love < 3

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