4 of cups and lovers?

Any insight on this spread I pulled? Any help is greatly appreciated!

I would appreciate any help with this spread. Okay, so I asked my deck, “what can I likely expect from ___ if I asked them out?”

I pulled, Justice at the bottom of the deck, 4 of cups, lovers, and 10 of wands clarifying.

Justice; I feel with justice at the bottom of the deck things will be leveling out between us.

4 of cups; she’s stuck in the past possibly about a relationship that ended and she’s not opening herself to new opportunities.

Lovers; The lovers always confuse me. Never sure if it’s a choice or a deep connection.

10 of wands; Maybe asking her out would be too much for her? She could already have a lot of her plate.

Anyway; I then asked how she felt about me. The page of cups, page of pentacles, and emperor came out.

Page of cups; I feel she definitely could have a crush on me or just something in the beginning stages.

Page of pentacles; Stable long-term type of feelings.

Emperor; She could feel like I’m a stable person.

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