5 of pentacles reversed what can it mean?

I recently moved to a new social setting and there is this particular friend group which mostly comprises of people belonging to particular elite schools, they pretty much keep to themselves(maybe it’s because they think they are too good for the rest but that is just a guess). I have interacted with a few of them but I’m not close to any, I have also seen a few of them looking at me sometimes and to me it seems like maybe they want to talk to me(?)I always get this card when I ask what some of the people in this group think of me. My interpretation is that perhaps they think I’m a person who doesn’t have friends(I don’t have a large friend group like them) or maybe they just look down on me?(however I think it’s noteworthy how one of them attempted to use my family connections, and is aware that I am the same status as them) I am not the best at reversals so would really appreciate some interpretations. PS- I use the Rider Waite Deck

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