7 of swords – Do I already know him?

7 of swords & usually 4 of swords consistently pop up when I ask this q about my true love.

I feel like the answer is yes, esp. Because the 4 of swords is about rest after a battle.

What confuses me is the 7 of swords, which pops up mire consistently than the 4 actually. If the 7 of swords is about betrayal and deception, except one person, I cannot think of anyone (platonic or romantic) that l ended on bad terms with that l am remotely attracted to as a friend or romantic partner. And the one person, the cards(both mine & by other readers) have strongly discouraged and warned me against & even my attraction to him are bare to non-existent now. & I feel good about that. So how does this card make sense, esp for a true love?

Are there other interpretations of the 7 of swords? Or am I doomed to someone who has betrayed /deceived me?

If it helps, any other qs I ask about my true love have been generally to very positive.

I use the neutral vibes version of the pws rider Waite tarot.

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