7 of swords is stalking me- upright and rx

I know most guides say it’s about deceit, trickery etc but could it also be about overthinking? Carrying all those swords seems like a huge burden and I feel like I carry a lot of thoughts and overthinking in my head.

I think another reason could be about my dilemma regarding my career. I was kinda pushed into a postgrad course by my dad and I wasn’t 100% sure honest about why I didn’t want to do it because I knew he wouldn’t listen anyway. I plan to take a loan for my second and third semesters so I wouldn’t be indebted to him and he couldn’t use the $$ as bargaining power when I switch careers.

I get the 5 of swords too which is making me wonder if I’m the bad guy (although I did say I didn’t want to do it- just wasn’t 100% clear on why as I knew it’d be futile/would lead to a worse outcome). It’s just a typical Asian family situation of being pushed into a career.

What are your thoughts on these cards? Any anecdotes to share?

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