8 of Cups at the beginning vs end of a relationship

Hi all, I am very new to tarot but had something interesting happen to me today. I started dating someone new a few months ago, and right off the bat had my doubts about whether the relationship was right. However, I have a lot of prior relationship trauma so have a hard time trusting my gut all the time.

I recently ended the relationship for good, but was having second thoughts about whether I made the right call. I decided to do just a quick one card pull to see if I did the right thing by ending it, and pulled the 8 of Cups, which I understand to mean walking away from something that doesn't serve you even if it feels hard to do.

Seemed pretty clear, but decided to google the card to see if there were any other less "on the nose" interpretations that I should consider. When I googled it, my first google link was purple, meaning I had clicked on it before. I thought that was odd, so I looked in my search history and realized I had googled the card a couple of months ago. All of a sudden I remembered a couple of weeks after I met this person I was already having doubts and got out of bed one night to similarly do a one card pull on how to proceed, pulling the 8 of Cups. Of course, at the time, I thought maybe it represented walking away from my doubts and fears about getting into a new relationship rather than walking away from the relationship itself.

Now it seems pretty clear to me that I made the right call and the cards were telling me the same since day one. Anyone else have a similar story about your cards kind of saying "I told you so?" Anyone have a different interpretation of the way I am reading these two parallel 8 of Cups pulls?

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