8 of cups frequently showing up when asking about meeting my future boss

I landed my dream job in my dream field all thanks to a mentor who is to be my future boss. We will be meeting in real life for the first time in the coming weeks and I am very excited.

I've done two readings regarding this: one a one card pull, 8 of cups.

Second four card pull: Heirophant, The Chariot, four of swords and…. 8 of cups.

This job and relationship means a lot to me and I feel that's clouding my ability to accurately read this.

Using the wild unknown deck the 8 of cups is described as needing to move on, stagnation, or illness.

The job signifies a great change in my life. I can certainly feel it in air, I've been nostalgic as if acknowledging a great shift. I think the 8 of cups might be a nod to that.


Maybe there is a warning I'm ignoring ?

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