9 of Pentacles Casanova Tarot non-standard meaning

I have a copy of the Casanova Tarot and dabble in doing little readings, mostly for myself, from time to time. One of the challenges I have with this deck is that the little book that comes with it gives some of the cards meanings that are pretty different from those of the conventional tarot.

Perhaps the most frustrating example is the 9 of pentacles which is depicted as a lover nuzzling another man's wife's breast which she enjoys while her husband is sound asleep next to her.

For this card, the booklet writes – betrayal, the way out, liberation, to abstain from something for material well-being, seeking for the best of two worlds.

This seems far more dangerous and cautionary than the standard stability/abundance related interpretation.

What would you more experience Tarot operators make of such a card?

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