A deck for this, a deck for that

Curious what you use your decks for. Do you have a multipurpose deck or is it just for a few specific tasks etc.

For myself: The Ink Witch Tarot has yet to be used for any spread-based reading and I don't think I will. It's my "conversation" deck – shuffle and read based off any jumpers, with or without a question. Great so far, really interesting "chats".

The Dragon Tarot and the Shadowscapes Tarot are the first two decks I owned, no longer used for spreads. Pull out the Dragon Deck when I can't focus while the Shadowscapes comes out when I need a little cheering up. In both cases, sometimes I'll shuffle face up so I can look at the art and other times, I'll shuffle normally (face down) and pull a card for a quick message.

The Smoke, Ash & Embers and the Oak, Ash & Thorn decks are my "Thought" and "Action" decks when there's something I need to act on but would like to explore a little further first. Which is a little funny because the Oriens Animal Tarot is my go-to "Get shit done" deck.

I have the tin version of the Sun and Moon tarot and that one I'll use before going to bed. Not really meditative or anything, so I guess there's no actual point to using it but I like it.

The other decks in my collection don't have a very specific purpose. A few I use only in tandem with an oracle deck while two are really just for "oooo pretty art" purposes (the Abyssal and Sabbath decks). The rest do see general reading use but which deck depends on the day, for the variety.

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