A deck of playing cards called me out

I was casually playing a game of one handed solitaire with a deck of normal playing cards. This is a game where you flip cards from the back to the front and remove cards based on the patterns that show up.

Multiple times in a row, despite shuffling, I pulled “2, x, x, 9” as the first four cards. X being two other random cards, but always starting with 2 and ending with 9. The third time it happened I paused, glared at the deck, and said “stop it, we’re playing a game.”

The next hand it did “2, x, x, 6” to which I responded “oh you think that’s funny? Doing a 6 instead of a 9? Haha.”

Then the next hand I got this: “K, 7, 2, 2, 2, 9.” HAHA VERY FUNNY.

Then I realized I had probably been unintentionally dealing tarot with a deck of playing cards. I looked up how a deck of cards can be used to replace tarot decks when needed and got this for my final draw:

  • Two of Hearts: Mutual attraction, love, friendship.
  • Two of Diamonds: Balancing the budget, time management. Juggling resources.
  • Two of Clubs: Planning, delays, waiting for the signal to move.
  • Nine of Diamonds: Material and spiritual independence. Satisfaction, happy in solitude.

And boy if that’s not an accurate description of my week working from home, on edge about coronavirus, and spending 500% more time with my husband, then I don’t know what is. I’m taking this as a friendly sign from the universe to just enjoy my time at home, even though I wasn’t asking a question in the first place.

Anyway the deck of cards is now on timeout in the naughty corner.

For those interested, this is one handed solitaire: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/One-handed_solitaire

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