A guy with awful energy grabbed my deck today

I haven't been feeling very confident in my readings lately, so I've been trying to get to know my deck better. I work in a library, and today I was working in the historical room, which usually doesn't see a lot of traffic, so I decided to bring my deck with me so I'd have some time to study it while I was alone. Whenever someone would come in, I'd push the cards under the ledge of the desk so no one would see them.

Then this man comes in. I ask him what I can help him with. He says nothing, that he's just killing time. I tell him okay, and to let me know if he has any questions. Then he comes over to the desk and strikes up the oddest conversation. He talked about the art exhibit at the local museum, how he didn't agree with the winner, and a piece that offended him. That lead to an uncomfortable political conversation, that I didn't necessarily disagree with, but I didn't want to be having a political conversation at work.

Since "we" were on the topic of art, and he had approached the desk somewhat from the side making my cards visible, he saw my cards and took note of the art. I have The Brady Tarot, and myself was drawn to it for the gorgeous art. I was explaining how Emi Brady created the art on each card and how deep the symbolism can go with each image, when he said "can I see these?" And without really waiting for a response just reached over the desk and grabbed a pile. I'm so weird about who touches my cards, but it was too late. I just kinda blinked at him and said Yeeeeaah.

He was apparently a birder and was fascinated by the feathers suit. But like….?!?!?!

I came home and did an intense cleansing on my deck. But I still feel off. Thoughts, feelings, advice?

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