A little story about my reading

A few weeks ago, I got my first ever tarot deck. It's the Crows tarot deck. I feel like I have a really hard time with it.

When I saw it on the internet, i was absolutely drawn to it. Just had to have it as i felt they where talking to me. At the same time, I ordered an Oracle deck. The runic odassey. I got the decks and i absolutely fel in love with the oracle deck. It just feels really nice in my hand. They are easy to shuffle, have a really nice texture and size.

The Crows deck feels a little off. They slide around everywhere and the size is really big for my hands. They feel so bulky and odd. I think I just need time to figure them out.

The first reading I did with the crows tarot was a single card pull. I asked how my relationship with my bf of 6 years is doing as we recently started to slightly talk about getting married.

I pulled the lovers.

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