A Mini-Celebration of My Tarot Progress

I got my first tarot deck in December of 2020. I worked with it daily for a while but fell off due to life circumstances. After that, I worked with it on and off until mid-2021 and fell off again. I picked it back up at the beginning of this year and I've been working steadily, so I don't burn myself out. The whole time I've had my deck I've been writing meanings and interpretations of readings in my Book of Shadows.

A few days ago, I was scribbling furiously, going through several pages, and I started to realize I may have outgrown what analog tarot notes can provide me. Yesterday, I was doing a reading, and I knew a few cards' meanings off the top of my head!

This is my first confirmation of making real spiritual and physical progress with my tarot work! I decided to move all my tarot information into a digital format so that I can bring it up on my phone or laptop and look up meanings or add new ones more quickly and easily.

I'm so proud of myself and wanted to share it with you all.

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