A Post About A Dream About A Reading About Me [Interpretation]

Some time ago, someone on this sub posted asking about dreams we may have had involving the cards or readings, etc. I replied that I had had one once, and had journaled about it, but needed to dig up the journal (not from the cold earth, but from my closet). I have done so, and I think I know how to post this, so I'm going to do so.

(Sidebar: back right after this happened, I messaged two friends of mine who are familiar with esoteric matters about this dream, and I never heard back from either one about it. A decade later, and this is now my third attempt to post about it here. I just find it…interesting…how much difficulty I've had connecting with someone over this.)

This happened just over ten years ago. My family and I had just moved to a new town, where my wife was enrolled in graduate school. I was somewhat at loose ends and wound up severely depressed, so I took up journaling as a coping mechanism. I also had some seriously weird dreams, a few of them startlingly vivid, the kind where you wonder upon waking whether it was a dream or a memory.

This dream was such a one. In it, I was the recipient of a card reading from a woman who knew my name and welcomed me back to what seemed like an antique shop. I recalled the cards as follows:

Red 5Black 10Red 6Black 8Red 9

The reader said that her interpretation was, "Unearth the past; rebuild the frame as a new foundation."

Two more facts about all this:

  1. I soon after began treatment for my depression.
  2. I did not then own a deck of tarot cards, nor had I for over a decade.

The linked photos are my journal pages where I tried to decipher and interpret the cards I remember from the dream, based on what I remembered and reviewed online about Tarot and their relationship to modern playing cards.

I took it to mean that I needed to get into counseling to try and deal with some of the trauma in my past; a process which has yet to be completed, and of which I have been reminded more than once by The Powers That Be. If we keep repeating the lessons we need to learn, then here I am.

I am interested in this community's feedback on what I experienced and how I tried to interpret it.

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