A sad reading about my feelings

I do not get along with my sister, in fact, she is very toxic and I have to keep my distance for my own sanity and it’s causing issues with my mother bc she does not respect my boundaries and claims I am ruining the family.

Anyway I did a reading in MY feeling towards her and got:

High priestess reversed : hard time trusting her which is true

Fool reversed: cannot move forward and also got an interpretation of “what am I getting myself into” which were my exact profound thoughts when were were getting along a bit a year ago and it felt really good but then it hit me that it would not last.

Page of wands: I think she’s fun??? I have no positive thoughts about her. This was strange. I think she’s a miserable drag.

I asked for a clarifier card and got 6 of cups. This made me sad. She was fun, and yes, even tho I hide it, I still may think I could have fun times with her.

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