A Sonic Journey Through the Tarot: Suit of Swords

Hi all!

I want to share a project that I've been working on with the like minded people of this sub.

I've set forth on a sonic journey through the Tarot. For reference, I'm using the Spacious Tarot as a visual since it's the deck that I use regularly.

Basically, I've broken the deck into suits, and the major arcana. For each suit, I'll make a playlist, one song intuitively chosen for each card. Then, one single playlist for the major arcana, one song for each card as well.

I started this project around the beginning of the Covid lockdown in 2020 but life circumstances drew me away and it never made it off the ground. Recently, I've been called back to it, and while my dedication is bound to ebb and flow-I think the collection will be well curated.

I'm very very proud of the first playlist, and I'm really curious to see what you all think. The order is descending from Aces (1) to Emperor (14). I chose Swords first because it's the toughest suit for me to read-it's my own suit, Air, and it certainly holds some sharp self-reflection.

I'm not really looking for critique or criticism, this is all very subjective, and thoroughly represents my thoughts, ideas, and very importantly, my musical tastes. I'm open to opinions, questions, and suggestions, always.

Presenting, the first of Journey Through the Tarot: Suit of Swords

Enjoy πŸ™‚

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