A spread on my decision to distance my self from my father

I did a spread on my decision to verbalize to my father that I don't plan on communicating with him regularly.

Card 1: Seven of Cups

I have been in my head about this for years now. I've entertained the idea of leaving and never speaking to him, I've complained to every single person I know about my relationship and have fantasized what my life would be like without him or with him as a better father.

Card 2: The Emperor RX

My father's totalitarian approach to parenting has left me emotionally exhausted and has repelled me from him. However, I believe he has tried his best for what that may be to him.

Card 3: Three of Swords

I believe this card represents my father's emotions at the moment, he's hurt and confused because he doesn't know why I'm behaving the way I am.

Card 4: The Fool

It's a new beginning for me, shedding the old and entering a new chapter in my life.

Card 5: The Lovers

On this new journey, I will learn to love and reparent myself and grow.

Deck used is rider waite

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