A Tarot-based meditation technique to share

Alongside Tarot, I've been starting to practise meditation, and tried a new technique today which I'd like to share, in case some of you might find it useful.

Simply put, I meditate using a single card as my anchor. I start by shuffling the deck and picking a card, then I cross reference a few sources to understand the meaning*, and finally, I sit and reflect on how that card relates to my life and psyche, bringing my focus back to the card if I get distracted.

For the first time, I meditated for 10 minutes – feel free to adjust according to your preference. It helped me to focus my thoughts through a particular lens, instead of my usual habit of trying to analyse a situation through every different possible angle, all at once. (ADHD anyone?)

*I use my deck's guide book, Labyrinthos app, and Holistic Tarot – you could use your own favourite sources, or skip this if you're already familiar with your deck

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