A Tarot Misfire?

So I’ve just started getting actually into tarot and using the two decks I’ve bought. I’ve done two readings for myself both of which were absolutely crazy accurate. This morning I wanted to practice and asked my mom to let me do just a casual reading. I did around six different questions for her; she said I did pretty good and got a wtf reaction out of her once or twice. However for the fifth or so question when I drew the cards I both turned the deck upside down accidentally and also when I drew the three cards I suddenly felt very wrong about the draw, the confident and easy way I could read the cards just didn’t happen I kept staring at them trying to make them speak to me, in the end I reshuffled the deck and gave a pretty good reading with the new cards. Is this kinda misfire normal or should I have tried harder to push my intuition to read the original three cards?

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