A yearly birthday spread from last year. What happened and let’s speculated what will happen next month

Did this reading last August, before my September birthday. Here’s the cards I pulled and a speculation about next month.

Ace of Pentacles, general theme for the year – building a foundation for the future, a new project, investing personal resources into a project. Money was a big theme for the year as well as my career, more so than other years.

9 of Swords, September – a lady I worked with got promoted to equivalent of assistant to the assistant manager and let it go to her head. Made my job miserable, I walked out and never looked back. I was literally crying just like the picture before I made the decision. This card was fitting because once I quit, the problem was gone, just like a bad dream. I wasn’t like, for example, the ten of swords, that it was a problem to sit with and get through.

Page of Cups, October – Thinking about what kind of work I want to do, casually looking at job postings, applied for a few things. I applied for two office, 9-5 type jobs and interviewed at both. I was dreading getting either job, I was miserable even thinking about working in an office again. Later in the month I realized I had been doing more thinking, planning, and lying to myself that I would like office work than making any real progress. Like the page, I was looking in a cup trying to find a fish rather than something that would be fulfilling to me. Felt like an idiot, and found a job better suited to my personality not much longer after that.

Three of Pentacles, November – Completely changed directions job-wise and found work I love at a senior living community and it was the first time I wanted to do my best work everyday. When I first did the reading, I thought this would mean something about coworkers, but now I see it as more of laying the foundation for my future career.

Two of Pentacles, December – hurt my back at work and quit the job. Usually I read this card as deciding between two options, but I’ve also read that it is a warning to save money. This month, I was deciding if I wanted to apply for an RN program (2.5 years) or do a CNA class (a few months).

Knight of Pentacles, January – The knight of pentacles has a goal he works for at a steady pace. Decided on the RN program, started studying for an entrance exam I would take in May. I was going to the library and studying for two hours almost every day since I’ve been out of college for so long and didn’t have a strong science background.

Five of Pentacles, February – I dreaded this card for months. I worried something was going to happen to my grandma, or I would be the one “out in the snow”. I had a sinus infection for TWO WEEKS this month. Later I read this can indicate prolonged sickness. Great. Also, worked another part-time job I didn’t really like, still studying, not much happened. Do you know how problems will begin in your life but you haven’t consciously thought about it yet? But you can feel something is happening? I look back and see it this month. Was this card about being sick for two weeks or was it about the impending problem?

Five of Cups, March – I thought this would be a continuation of the previous month as both cards seem to go together, something big would happen in February and I would still be sad about it. But they were not related at all this time, problems in my marriage reached a point I couldn’t ignore any longer. We talked, things settled down. Didn’t study much this month, mostly just looked like the guy on the card, feeling sorry for myself and didn’t any resolution (the bridge in the card) to my problems (knocked over cups)

The World, April – Either March or April was when I kept getting more bitter and resentful about the issues with my husband. I asked a friend for advice, he said to leave if I’m not happy and that I don’t owe my husband anything. I thought that was too extreme, and continued to ignore this part of my life. During the month I thought maybe this would be the “completion” of my marriage, since the world is the last major arcana. But we also took a vacation for the first time with a couple we’re friends with.

Seven of Pentacles, May – Finally took the entrance exam and turned in my application for the RN program. (National average for the exam is 66%, I got 84%, very proud!). Started an online summer class, Anatomy and Physiology, my first college class since I graduated with my first degree in 2013. Absolutely kicked my ass but I got a 94% (finished this month, not in May). I also started a part-time job at the end of the month that I still like. Seven of pentacles is working diligently towards your goals and starting to see results of the work you’ve put in.

Five of Wands, June – I initially thought I would be arguing with my husband. This month my thoughts and plans were all over the place. I couldn’t focus on any one thing. My days were mostly studying in the morning then going to work in the afternoon.

Page of pentacles, July – This card represents studying at school, students, and long-term career success. I didn’t want to get my hopes up, but I did get into the RN program. Before I found out, I thought it might just mean I will do well in my summer class.

This month, the problems in my marriage are still there. We’re not arguing, but it’s been impossible to communicate with him. I try to talk to him about what’s going on from my side, but he gets pouty and defensive, says he’ll do better, and then nothing changes. I asked my grandma if I could stay with her during the fall semester and she agreed. Most of this year I’ve been bitter, resentful, acting passive aggressive when I can’t get through to him. I hate feeling like this, and I decided it’s best for me to physically take time apart.

Two of Cups, August – Do we finally come together and talk about things? My husband is great and I’m not entirely unhappy with him, I just want to be able to share my thoughts and have him truly listen to me. Or, does he tell me to take my stuff and go and the two of cups represents me and my grandma getting along and living with her for a while? If the two of cups is simply unconditional love, can this represent family as well?

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