Accidental, single card pull at an old house

I've been staying in a very old, spiritually active (its just gotta be, IMO, considering the smudge stick and vibes coming from the basement). There are some items left behind by the previous occupants, and I was curious about a little booklet I saw. It was underneath what I thought were playing cards, and after they slid off the back, I flipped one over to check it out. It was the seven of swords (I think…maybe the six?) It had a woman in it. My husband turned my attention away from it, because he's creeped out by tarot. It was right by that basement that had been putting off strong, almost poltergeist type energy. Do you think that card counts?

TL; DR accidentally pulled a single card from a deck i didn't know was tarot in a probably haunted house. Would you count that card as meaningful??

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