ace of cups & 2 of swords rx – Stalker Card Clarification Spread

I did a clarification/card-buster spread for a card that has been showing up a lot recently. The wonderful spread I took from here:

I think I have a handle on some of the cards, but not enough of them to understand what the 6 of coins Rx is trying to tell me. I'm new to this and could use help, esp with #5. Thanks.

1. Stalker Card – 6 of coins reversed.

(showed up in a general future love reading, so no one specific in mind and I am single, but also it just keeps falling out – so not sure if this is about a love rlsthp or just general.)

  • Clarifier Card – nine of wands. not sure what this is either. Left me as clueless as the stalker card.

2. What the card is NOT/ distractions –

Nine of Cups Rx w/ Clarifier – 7 of coins rx. This is not about a recently failed love connection that I had high hopes for and saw as the possible culmination to a lot of self-work and therapy I had done.

3. What the blockage is in my ability to understand/see the answer –

The empress Rx w. clarifier – the world – means I'm not looking inwards and giving myself the abundance and fruition I've worked hard for as well as the new beginnings that come with it.

I have been burnt out at both ends physically and mentally and overall super stressed.

4. How to release the blockage –

Four of wands w. clarifier 7 of cups rx – I should look for stability by letting go of mental/inner fog/pipe dreams? Not 100% that I'm reading this right. The four of wands I usually associate with marriage/rltshp.

5. What is the ultimate goal/focus I need?

Ace of Cups w. clarifier 2 of swords rx – ???

I read the ace of cups usually as love/positive emotional energy, but with the 2 of swords rx, I'm confused.

If it helps, happy to share the love reading spread that 6 of coins showed up in. But as I mentioned, it falls out a lot, so I'm not sure if it has to do with a love reading or just general.

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