ace of swords and king of swords together

what could this mean as a pair? I interpreted that maybe my intellectual and logical skills, as well as keeping a positive mindset to manifest the best outcome (ace of swords) my success will be granted (king of swords) I only gathered this speculation because they are opposite ends of the suit. However king of swords seems to have a very similar meaning and explains that I need to make a lot of logical decisions and may need a second voice for advice. What does everyone else think?

I have been manifesting a successful path as I am going to uni in september, I already went last september and dropped out due to mental health (I am going back to the same uni) I loved my course though and it was right for me, but I will be changing my living circumstances, etc. So I am manifesting it will go as planned this time. How do you guys think I could link this pair to this topic?

I would also like to point out I am a Gemini (air sign) and this links greatly to the swords arcana

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