Advice for newbie – I keep pulling the same card in love readings

My tarot experience is very limited, but I find it fascinating and started studying it about a year ago.

I (31f) am cautiously optimistic in the very early days of dating someone new. Long story short, I didn't date at all for the past several years. I re-entered the dating pool a few months ago, had a bit of a rocky start, but have been consistently seeing/talking to someone for the past month that feels like there is long term potential, which I have not felt before. I do not have a ton of experience in healthy committed relationships so I find it hard to be vulnerable and opening myself up to someone for something more than a casual fling.

I've tried doing a couple of simple readings (mostly pulling a single card here and there) before he comes over or asking myself what I should know about this guy or whether or not he genuinely likes me/sees potential in dating me. Consistently, I keep pulling the King of Pentacles in reverse (maybe 3 times). I have also asked "How does he feel towards me/this potential relationship?" which was the Hierophant, upright. Today I asked "What should I know about this relationship" and I pulled the 7 of Pentacles in reverse.

The guy in question works in wealth management and as far as I can tell, is very stable and does not seem to have commitment issues. We also have very similar interests and have great chemistry and banter.

The reverse King of Pentacles worries me. I know it implies that something is wrong or that he's not going to be good for me – but I am confused because I tend to have really good judgment and intuition when it comes to people and he seems very honest and trustworthy to me.

Does anyone have thoughts?

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