Advice for somone strating out with an unusual deck?

There is this amazing indie game called Cultist Simulator, and the people behind it recently made a limited edition tarot deck with the art from the game. I was lucky enough to snatch one for myself before stock ran out, currently anxiously waiting for it to arrive in around two weeks time.

Though i don’t believe in supernatural things in the traditional sense, i’ve allways felt somewhat drawn to the occult. That was the main allure of the mentioned game: as you play you get to found a cult, perform rituals, and uncover the secrets beneath the world’s skin. So i decided why not try my hands at reading tarot once the deck arives.

However from what i’ve seen this deck is very different from the other decks i came across online.

For one all the art for the minor arcana is lifted from the game, and so they don’t allways coincide with the motifs i’ve come across elsewhere and in the context of the game they often carry very different meanings.

Secondly (and this has me then most worried) all the major arcana are replaced with the Hours (the gods in the game universe) who sometimes line up with the usual cards allmost exactly, and other times aren’t even comperable.

The deck doesn’t come with any guide so that “we may follow the wills of the Hours”.

Do you have any tips for reading with such an unortodox deck, or how i could come to know it better?

Edit: Here is the page for it.

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