Advice on financial advice spread and interpreting it?

Hi everyone- I was wondering if I could get help on this reading? Basically I asked my deck for advice on getting through this financial hardship and the fact I may not have a place and have to stay with family. I may also be moving in with family member. I tend to have trust issue and difficulty functioning in this situation due to some familial and financial trauma. I tend to take my cards in chronological order like they’re suggesting thought processes or a time line but I put the spread order in the comments just in case it’ll help y’all interpret

This is my first interpretation –

King of swords (top left of spread) – listen to my dad to guide me on my financial decision his advice might be blunt but it’s wise and doubt burn this bridge with disrespect- just listen Eight of cups (top right of spread) -take his advice and walk away or let go of something you didn’t want to Ten of cups(bottom of spread (left side) – it feels as if your walking in to the unknown but abundance awaits- maybe not financial but familial The hierophant (bottom middle)- be patient and have faith everything will work out try to stay calm Three of wands (bottom right of spread) – you’ll be chilling in paradise in no time or take the time where you don’t have an apartment as a vacation with family? Bottom of the deck:death- things are changing and transforming- it may not feel good but it’s for the best I guess

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