Advice on reading from decks when you don’t like the author/guidebook?

Hello! I have a question for you all, but first some context.

I recently received a Tarot Deck for my birthday, the Animal Tarot by Doreen Virtue. I didn't know who she was at the time so i read the guidebook, tried to do some readings, and didn't like the way it was written. I love the images, im a big fan of animals, but the way she writes (both the guidebook and the messages printed on the cards) doesn't sit completely well with me. Also the messages on the cards kinda distract me, but that's a different point.

Then, after having a hard time connecting with the deck, i read a bit about Doreen and got extremely disappointed. I understand having a change of heart on something as important as your spirituality, but i draw the line at tearing other people down just because you now feel different.

So I have a few questions for anyone who wants to answer.

What do you do when you don't like the guidebook of a deck that relies a lot on it? Or the author alltogether?

What do you do when you receive a deck as a gift and have a hard time connecting with it? I'd like to be able to use it more often! Or begin to use it and understand it at all.

Please keep in mind im still a beginner, I have trouble remembering stuff so i do most of my readings intuitively, and i'm agnostic + have a bias against the people that talk about god all the time cause of some bad experiences in my past (i'm working on it).

Thank you for reading, sorry if this was very long ^^'

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