Advice – Posting a past life reading to youtube (not self-promotion, haha)

I would like some advice from the Tarot community on this. I have a very small pick a card reading youtube channel and normally do Yes/No readings bc they are fun. Sometimes I do some light and fun ones and decided to film one of those last night. Anyway, I decided to film some past life readings with the intention of posting them. I figured they would be light-hearted bc most of the readings on this topic on YT are on the lighter side.

Anyway, these videos are a two-part series with the first being about the life and the second being past life lessons with 9 piles to choose from. Unfortunately, the second video is a lot deeper/darker than I thought and I'm worried it will trigger/upset some people. I suppose I should have expected this but most of the readings on YT seem to be light and fluffy so I went into it with that expectation. I did use the past life cards on etsy which are pretty intense. I also used them for location/era which has me wondering if that is ok too since I don't want to promote negative views on cultures or countries.

For example, some of the past life lessons are: diet issues, sexual discrimination, abuse of power, etc.

My Question: What would you do? Would you post it with a disclaimer? I did point out the 3 more challenging piles in the recording if that makes a difference. Should I just discard the video and pretend I never filmed it?

I'm not posting this to promote anything! Just genuinely don't want to post something that is ethically wrong to post. I never want someone to leave my videos feeling worse than when they clicked on, you know πŸ™‚

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