AI created Tarot cards

Hi Everyone!

I found a website that creates art based on any prompts you put in. I decided to try submitting the names of each Major Arcana card to see what the AI came up with. I found the results pretty interesting!

Some of the cards turned out amazing – I personally think the Fool, Empress, Emperor, and World are gorgeous and true to the meanings of those cards.

Some I can see how the AI interpreted the prompts (and some are still very nice-looking), but they don't necessarily fit as well for the card. For me a few of these would be The Lovers, Hermit, Tower, and Judgement.

Others…well, no clue what happened with them! Justice and Death especially.

Link to the images is below (nothing paid/buyable in here, and I'll never be marketing this, but if it needs to move to promotional thread let me know and I'll do so).

I'm curious what you all think? Any cards you love or hate? Any interesting interpretations you'd get from one of these cards that may be different from a different deck? Any similarities you may see to decks you own/use? Do you think I should try the Minor Arcana as well? All thoughts welcome!

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