All your reasons for a streak of inaccurate readings

Recently, I have had issues with my Tarot readings, which is a completely new experience for me. For most of my life, my readings had always been accurate. But now, my cards give me messages that are the obvious opposite of what is actually the case. I am going through a very rough patch in life, my mental health is not great, my job situation ain't the best, don't even ask about my love life. But my cards keep giving me messages of inner harmony, spiritual and worldly triumph, and fulfillment.

I am going to do a simple cleansing on them to see if that helps, but I was wondering whether any of you have had similar experiences, and what the reasons for the inaccurate readings were. Do the cards just need a cleanse? Could it be my own bad mental state messing up all readings? But why the exact opposite? That in a way has its own accuracy.

In short, I am finding myself confronted with a rather curious situation and would love to hear about similar experiences.

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