Am I charging too much? Or is it the way I’m listing my price that doesn’t make sense? (Or perhaps neither of those)

(Attention! I am NOT promoting my content, as I just truly want an opinion on my prices list and these can change as it's a still on-going experiment!) Hey everyone, so I've begun to charge for tarot readings recently since I had a pretty good amount of nice feedback, and also because I'm in financial need (specially to pay my college tuition). I've always accepted donations, although they are completely optional aswell as the amount. So let's go to the point: I've received previously some critique that my price list did not make sense, and that I should change it. I'm pretty open to constructive criticism and I always reflect on it so I can also improve if indeed could help out. I started off by charging 6$ for a reading, with optional donations, for 10-14 cards + 4 Oracle advice cards. Then people obviously needed more guidance so I thought on a separation (kinda like packages you know?) So I could offer the person more cards and there would be an even exchange of energies. So my price list turned out to be the following (since in my country the cash app isn't available, I've calculated through PayPal the equal fair amount of currency, so what you see in $ equals to € and vice-versa): 5€/6$ – 6 cards + 4 Oracle cards (offer); 10€/10,50$ – 10 cards + 4 Oracle cards + 3 Pendulum answers; 15€/15,70$ – 14-20 cards + 8 Oracle cards + 5 Pendulum answers; 20€/21$ – 20-24 cards + 10 Oracle cards + 8 Pendulum answers + Astrological chart reading accordingly to reading subject (offer)

What do you guys honestly think of these packages? What would you change? Which one would you pick and which one you absolutely wouldn't? Any constructive feedback will help, thank you in advance ❤️

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