An awful lot of wands, cause for concern?

Okay I'll make this short since this is just the context part: Met a guy through mutually shared interest, he initiated how attracted he was to me and that he finds me to be his perfect woman. I kinda stumbled and took a day to really respond back in the same way because, nerves lmao. Now he's been a little distant, so I asked my cards how he feels about me. And it's *so* many wands. Seriously, I think nearly every wand card has popped out at some point. I did a quick two card pull before he said how attracted he was, and it was the Ace of Wands and King of Wands. Later that day he made me aware how, *cough*, physically attractive he found me, and those cards seem to line up with that.

So now onto the actual reading, I asked my deck what his feelings are for me, I got first the Queen of Wands, and I always go for a second to get more clarity, and three cards flew out: Ace of Wands, Ten of Wands, and Five of Wands.

I can see the firey passion behind this, but he's not a particularly firey dude. I think he's an Aries rising, but otherwise he's all Capricorn. Not exactly the most 'fire' sign imo. I see the Ace of Wands as maybe a phalic symbol, but also a passionate new beginning? The queen and Ten makes me think he feels we could go past the 'flirting' stage and start something a little more founded, albiet in the passionate sense, but he's maybe not fully realized this yet? I feel like with so much Fire energy, I'm confused and overwhelmed. Five of Wands signals to me that he's conflicted. I drew a clarifier card and got High Priestess. So maybe there's some conflict between having feelings in the 3D vs just a intuitive connection? I can definitely feel the psychic connection, the second I met him I was sure I've met him before, but we've never had any reason to ever have known each other, long distances etc.

My concern in all this is that with so much wands energy, is this purely a sexual attraction and no romance? In a similar reading on what he wants to happen/what I need to work on, I've regularly drawn both the Queen of Cups, Ace of Cups, and Temperance with both on the bottom of the deck 99% of the time. Any insight is much appreciated, thank you!

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