An interesting thing I’ve noticed with my deck. [I guess this about "shadow" cards, really.]

Gonna put it under Discussion, since I'm curious about other's input on this.

So, for the last few weeks or so, occasionally after a reading I'll check the top and bottom cards. Without any knowledge of "shadow" cards until just tonight, I always assumed the bottom card is just something to keep in mind – perhaps an extra bit of advice, or even a lingering thought or feeling. While the top card was a more pressing thought or feeling, or even an event; either in regards to the reading itself, or just in general. With this mindset, my bottom cards have been surprisingly positive the few times I've checked, though I have had some "negative" ones too. The top cards I've drawn felt far "closer" to the situation, as if they were a more obvious "hey, this is what is going on/could be going on/could end up happening." As if just summarizing the overall reading.

As I said earlier, I only just learned about "shadow" cards tonight, and how they're typically the card on the bottom of the deck. From what I've gathered, this is supposed to represent the shadow self, which is normally tumultuous? Or at least is supposed to represent a darker part of you. I did spot a comment that mentioned how drawing from the bottom of the deck is considered a "betrayal" of a reading, or is otherwise a very unwise thing to do.


I'd like to just…get some opinions on this. I personally feel that the way I've been doing it is totally fine. I trust my deck, and my deck is not afraid to call me out. I don't see the harm in looking at the bottom card and thinking of it as either a little pick me up, or just a "hey, keep this in mind, okay?" type thing. Plus, I feel like if a card is closer to the top, then it's going to be something that should be paid attention to more, since, it's right there! Metaphorically speaking, most people aren't going to check the bottom of the deck, where you might find some good advice, or maybe get a hint to something more. People want to know what is going on in the moment and want answers right then and there.

So, uh, discuss?

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