An overwhelming reading

I suppose I'm just coming here to vent a little, and to get any tips or advice. I performed a phone reading for a client who has been going through a painful breakup, and she pretty much sobbed through her whole hour. Not cry mind you, full on sobs to the point where I would have to ask her to take some deep breaths and drink some water. I felt so awful for her, I'm not sure I gave her the best possible experience as far as a reading goes, it felt like she just needed to talk a lot of it out and I didn't have much time to pull cards. I tried my best to uplift her and give encouragement but I'm not sure she felt much better or received any closure by the end. It was emotionally really heavy. I'm wondering if something like that should happen in the future maybe I should just stop the reading right there and insist on rescheduling to a later date? She seemed like she desperately wanted my help though. She only paid for an hour but I gave her 30 extra minutes just because I felt so awful for her, most of her time got taken up by her talking and crying I barely got to get into her spread. How do you guys handle clients with big emotions?

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