Angel cards repeatedly said a date I’d go on could open up a loving relationship, but the date was horrible. I’m very confused.

I went on a date with a guy I had a really good feeling about. I did an angel card reading before the date and asked about this guy, (three times) and got the same card in each reading. Archangel Chamuel.

The card told me to open my heart and let my walls down. It’s interpretation said that I have been guarded because I’ve been hurt in the past (which is completely true) but its safe to let my walls down now because the opportunity for a loving relationship is coming into my life. Naturally I then felt really confident and happy about the date.

So we REALLY hit it off on the date and I was thinking wow, the cards were right! But then he said something horrible, and hurt me badly. Since then we have been messaging but it’s just been a trainwreck and I’m beginning to think he’s a narcissist. I think he is manipulative and is gaslighting me.

Even after the date though, I did another reading for some clarity and again got the SAME card that said to open my heart.

I am so confused. The cards are strongly telling me that love is coming into my life with this person but he has been horrible to me.

Can anyone advise? Should I just hold on and see what happens with him? Thank you

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