Another "can’t remember the deck name" post

Hello, it's me, your friendly "can't remember for shit" poster, looking for help IDing another deck.

Back when I was like, 9 or 10 (so around 20+ years ago), my dad used to work at a new age bookshop. I would tag along with him, reading anything I could get my hands on and chatting with whoever would listen. I ended up befriending the tarot reader, who taught me how to use a very specific deck.

It wasn't tarot but it was still a card divination tool. I recall the cards being square and black, with different symbols on all four sides. The idea was that you would interpret the cards based on which symbols matched up when you laid them out. I do remember some traditional tarot elements being used (for some reason, the Devil symbol really stands out to me).

I'd love to find out what this deck was if possible now that I'm older. Any ideas? Even shot in the dark guesses are welcome and appreciated. Thank you all!

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