Any decks with the card stock feel of Chromatic Fates?

It's a kickstarted deck, but it feels nicer to shuffle than most of the others I have. I can't quite describe the card stock, but it's not too stiff, not glossy at all and you kinda have to jostle the deck to get the cards to settle back in. It has a pleasant, more distinct pattering sound to it when shuffled.

I have a spare deck, but that's for collection. These are not retail (yet). I find myself fidgeting with the deck all the same as I watch TV and I'd like to find something more common for that behavior, even if it's just another Smith-Waite

In fact, I struggle with shuffling at times due stiffer decks, but not at all with Chromatic Fates. I like this card stock a lot.

Sure someone else here has this deck, so I'm hoping that description resonates.

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