Any good suggestions for not-beginner tarot books?

Hi! I've been in pursuit of books like this for a while, while I am deeply appreciative of how many beginner books there are, I've been at this for a while and am looking more into theory and trying to become a more seasoned reader . Tarot Beyond the Basics seems like a no-brainer and I already have that in the shopping cart, but beyond that information tends to get muddled and confusing. Advanced Tarot Secrets doesn't seem to be my field as I'm uninterested in going pro about this – just not my path. I tend not to trust online articles especially ones with affiliate links, so I consult the people! What are your go-to books for more thorough study of theory and practice?

Also, an addendum question for the people on the subject – I've seen on other forums Queering the Tarot be both recommended and disparaged for a more modern tarot look – what are people's experiences with the text? I'm a trans reader with a lot of focus on gender in my practice, but I heard its very heavy-handed. If this needs to be a separate post I will take it there!

Thank you so much!

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