Anyone know of a deck like this? but different… older?

When I was little kid back in the 1970s, in the early, early mornings I would go over and check on my grandmother, Opal, to make sure that she was okay. That she'd gotten out of bed and was taking care of herself. See if she needed anything. We'd talk a bit over toast (Roman Meal Bread) and tea. Most days she'd be drawing cards from a deck (that I keep trying to identify, now). Sitting in her wheelchair; nodding at the cards. Right arm and both legs paralyzed from when lightning struck a tree that fell on her, ending her career as a young portrait painter back in the 1930s.

I want to find a deck like she used. The same art in the cards. Any time I ask my cousins about her Tarot Deck that she kept in the bookcase by the Parcheesi Board, they practically explode that she would NEVER have such a thing.

But, I know she did. Many fond memories of her, toast and tea, and Tarot talks.

The strength card was something like this one... but not…. I know the lady was riding the Lion, NOT prying it's jaws open. I think it had an Analema symbol on it.

Was likely a deck/style available in the 1930s/40s/50s. Possibly something she got in England, France, India, or in the US back when she was travelling around the world and painting people's portraits.

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