Anyone Sleep With a Card Under Their Pillow? (If so Have a Weird Occurrence?)

Each night I ask which card I should sleep with, pull one card, and place it under my pillow. I've only done this for a short while and so far I kept getting High Priestess for the longest time, then Magician, Ace of Wands a couple…but last night I drew the Devil. I will preface with, I don't associate this card with the actual devil nor think it's scary.

First off, after initially falling asleep I could not tell if I was asleep or awake once things started happening.

At first I felt as if I were on certain substances (I won't say which but I have addiction history tho i have never had a dream about them). I felt amazing and lucid and that pleasure rush. I remember being in my room laying on my bed and seeing my arms being up, bent at the elbows, with my fist touching one another. I was giggling and saying "see i can do this" and I had to try hard to separate them but once I did they jerked apart, startled me and it felt like I woke up falling on to my bed in my room (even tho i had already been there). Once there I felt better than normal.

This is when my husband said "megiddo" repeatedly (let me add if he was actually saying it and it wasn't my mind dreaming it he's a big fan of reincarnated as a slime and this could have been a silly anime dream lmao), but when I looked at him his eyes were open but strange, I don't think his eyes were actually open i think it was some sort of hallucination/illusion/dream, then I blinked and they were closed. Turned my head, turned it back to him closed eyes, blinked seen the eyes again and hurried and laid my head back down.

I had a few others intense dreams after that which I wrote down on some paper on the night stand but the cat knocked water over. Hopefully once it's dries fully I can see what most of it says. Those two I remember vividly and recall the others like their right on the edge of a shelf but I can't quite reach them. I found the first to be really interesting given the content and the card.

If you don't sleep with cards I highly suggest asking them which you should sleep with, place it under your pillow, and go in with no expectations. Sometimes you'll get something, sometimes nothing, but keep at it and you might be surprised!

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