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For a little while now I’ve been wanting to take a break from my esoteric studies of the RWS so today I bought a deck that had an interesting concept but also looked fun and approachable so that on days where I just can’t take it I have something else that I can just play with. It’s called the shadowland tarot it has Tim burton /Edward gorey style artwork that is fun to look at but it also kind of strays a bit from some of the symbolism seen in the RWS. The whole concept of the deck is this thing called shadow work which I think is an interesting psychological idea so I’m excited to play with it for awhile but I was wondering what are some good ways to go about studying a new deck? I know the whole card a day trick but outside of that what do y’all do to adapt to a new interpretation of the tarot? How do you start to internalize some of the intended meanings? Should you approach a new deck fresh without carrying on those interpretations you have from another deck? Should i just read every explanation of each card and try to just go off that ? Any suggestions would be great .

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