April FQ Moon Spread

I did my first-ever moon spread using the Seventh Sphere Marseille Tarot on the Labyrinthos app. The spread is seven cards that describes two different obstacles. Here’s a picture of the spread.

Card 1: Querent – Eight of Coins – Open to abundance, balance with nature

Card 2: Expected obstacle – Ace of Coins – Opportunity, new venture

Card 3: How to overcome the expected obstacle? – The Moon – Intuition, unconscious mind

Card 4: What strengthens the expected obstacle? – Ace of Swords – Breakthrough, new ideas

Card 5: Unexpected obstacle – The World – Fulfillment, wisdom

Card 6: How to overcome the unexpected obstacle? – Judgement – Reflection, awakening

Card 7: What strengthens the unexpected obstacle? – The Wheel of Fortune – Cycles, chance, change

My interpretation of this spread is that I’ll have a difficult opportunity to face, which will be complicated by new ideas and trying to find fulfillment in a changing situation. Am I reading the cards correctly?

Also, because I’m new to Tarot, why are the cards read in a zigzag pattern for this spread? Do card positions affect how the cards are read?

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