Are there any patterns to the minor arcana?/How do you remember them?

Title pretty much says it all. My mind likes to look at symbols. But I’m confused what make some cards positive and some more negative.

For example. The ace In all the suites means something new so a new creative spark (Ace of Wands) or a new emotional connection (ace of cups). But then there’s 2s which are dualism or pairs but 2 of cups is connection and attraction (a mostly positive card I think) while 2 of swords means more like a crossroads decision or feeling lost (more negative feelings).

I’m feeling lost and frustrated. I really enjoyed tarot at first but somehow I’ve lost my groove. The major arcana is easier for me to connect with personally. But when it comes to minor arcana I get confused easily. Maybe my deck is not a good match for me? I’m not sure. Any tips are welcome!

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